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Why are your New Year Resolutions not happening?

You make new year resolutions year after year, and 10 years later you are still making the same resolutions.

Why are they not happening? Another type of goal you perhaps have experienced is when your goal explodes from within like a volcano. And with it in just a moment of time are all the practical tasks needed to make it happen. What excitement… what joy! …. and then it happens … You start doubting yourself and feel uneasy and overwhelmed. You question if you can do this, and you feed your beautiful and creative idea with all sorts of negative energy. In the end, this experience becomes just another distant memory …. You can easily change the outcome;

Take your goals for 2019 through our step-by-step clarification process, empower your goals

and feel assured your goals and dreams indeed will happen.

"What is stopping you?"

This Imaginations online course takes you through the clarification process, step-by-step.

Put yourself in charge of 2019.


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