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What is success?

What is success?

​​Success is big news. But what does it mean? Some people look successful, but they don’t feel it. Some people chase success, but it’s always somewhere ahead of them.

Confusing, isn’t it? One reason for this is that we are being bombarded with ideas that continuously link products with the idea of success. Buy this perfume, have this car, and you’ll feel great!

On top of this is what is generally promoted as “success”: big house, cars, boats, expensive holidays. Now I have nothing against those things. I happen to like them a lot, but I have met many people with a lot of those things which do not strike me as successful.

The real question here is whether success is measured in things or as an inner feeling. Most people go for things. The amount of “things” is different for every person, but it always seems to be ahead of people - it moves on and on, and on…. the gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow.

It’s interesting that we regard pop stars and famous actors and actresses as glamorous and highly successful, yet if you take the time to read about their personal lives very few achieve the internal feeling of success that matches their external success. That level of mismatch always leads to problems.

In personal development, it appears that success is more of an internal feeling, which may or may not be related to the accumulation of wealth.

In summary, these qualities are: 1. Having peace of mind and a feeling of self-worth 2. Being able to make and maintain healthy relationships all around you 3. Being in an excellent and vibrant health 4. Having worthy goals and ambitions 5. Having the feeling of financial freedom (very different for each person).

It’s interesting that the first 4 have no relationship to money and the purchase of goods. We are told that having lots of goods is the most important. And having them will lead to having the first four items. Not true. It’s one of the biggest and cruellest hoaxes in our society today. As one person said, “I’ve spent all my life climbing the ladder of success only to find that it was leaning up against the wrong wall.”

So success is for you to define and for you to achieve. Much of what you will realise is that real success has very little to do with collecting a pile of wood, metal and plastic by the end of your life. If you can manage it though, it’s nice to have both. See Success at your fingertips.


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