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By Ivor Bailey



“Yes” - said Alex, “I would probably be a Janitor at a Hotel.”


A hard-working janitor, Alex, had recently immigrated into the country and had been working at a very nice hotel. He unfortunately had never learned to read and write in his former country but that did not stop him doing his work very well and was admired by his colleagues and employer.


One day it was announced that the hotel was being bought by a large organisation and a new management team was installed. There were lots of meetings as the new management team took over and modernised the hotel. It was all going fine with lots of staff meetings and training for all the staff.


One day the main trainer, Peter, asked all the staff to write about their experiences with the new regime and how they thought things were going. This gave Alex a major problem as he could not write at all. He managed the trainings up until now as they were mostly verbal but writing at length was impossible for him.



What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the full title and in summary, it’s the study of the language of the mind, how we interact with it and how that results in certain behaviour.

How to deal with challenging situations and feel different about it.


The way we understand the meaning of situations is by setting frames. The frames you use determine the questions you ask about the situation, how you feel about it how you react to it and how you deal with it.

To re-frame in NLP means to change the meaning of something by seeing it from a different perspective or in a different frame.



Your Authentic Self
By Margoth Tove Kalstad

In my master study in diakonia I came across narrative theory of self that intrigued me, it made me realized that no one create their life story alone. Other people’s story about us shows how we are interconnected and play a part in each other’s life.

Narrative teori

Is about the process of making our personal identity and self-understanding, there are 3 level of narratives that interact with each other. Metanarratives is anchored in our ideological,




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Did you hear about the mathematician who is afraid of negative numbers?

He’ll stop at nothing to avoid them. 

What we are today comes from your thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind. Buddha

All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry - all forms of fear - are caused by too much future, and
not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms
of nonforgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence. Eckhart Tolle


Imagine living out of the irresistible impulse that takes you exactly where you want to be in life! Stop and ask yourself:​ What is the dominant impulse that drives you to do the things you do? Where are your actions taking you? Is this what you really want for yourself? 


Our courses are designed to help and teach you how to uncover this irresistible impulse and live your best and most fulfilled life


Certification and Individual courses are fully approved and internationally recognised by

▷ British Association of NLP

▷ American Board of NLP


NLP- Empowering beliefs that will change the way you experience and interact with the world around you. A simple model of communication that will enable you to always get your message across. Discover and take control of the links between your mind and body.


Sessions via Skype.

Gestalt therapy is a client-centred approach to psychotherapy that helps clients focus on the present and understand what is happening in their lives right now.


Through the gestalt process, clients learn to become more aware of how their negative thought patterns and behaviours are blocking true self-awareness and making them unhappy.

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