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Let it Go


As I was preparing for the forthcoming Christmas holidays I started thinking about an end of term school production in which my young son appeared.At the end of the production all the children sang “Let it Go” from the then very popular Movie – Frozen.

As a reminder, or for those who have managed not to see it, the singer is a

Princess who because of her anger issues turns everything to ice with just a look or touch. She decides that she needs to just become herself and “let go” of these feelings.


I am reminded of a short story I once heard.

Two monks, who dedicated themselves to a life of purity and simplicity were walking along a mountain path when they came upon a naked lady on a river bank.

She called out to them to help her cross the fast mountain stream.

Without hesitation the one monk lifted the lady in his arms and carried her across the stream and set her down on the opposite bank. He returned to join his fellow monk and they carried on along their way.

After walking for about an hour in silence the one monk finally turned to the other and said “I can't believe you picked up that woman like you did, you know how much we have dedicated ourselves to a life of purity”.

The other monk looked at him and said “I put that woman down an hour ago, but you are still carrying her”.


It's a story I refer to when dealing with clients who find it difficult to let go of the past.


In my experience of dealing with lots of therapeutic clients one very common thread is that so many want to carry their past around with them.


I'm reminded about one client I dealt with over several weeks She had many issues that needed to be resolved.

At the start of every session and talking about how the previous weeks had gone, it would not be long before she would start to talk about how difficult her childhood had been and why she had such problems now.

I realised that she had a very difficult upbringing but constantly going back over it was clearly not going to resolve her issues and was not doing her any good at all.

Finally I had to say to her “Just how long do you want an unhappy childhood for? you have a choice, leave it behind right now or continue to have it for the rest of your life”


I do not deny that many people have very difficult pasts and events in their lives that have somehow shaped their futures and current lives.

However, we have to honestly ask ourselves whether constantly “re-visiting” them is actually doing us any good at all.

The one thing we cannot change is the past, but we can change the way in which it affects us now and into the future.


Within our NLP and Hypnosis courses there are many tools available that you can use to bring about substantial change in your lives and set you on a course to a future you richly deserve.

By Ivor Bailey


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“If your habits don’t line up with your dream, then you need to either change your habits or change your dream.” -John Maxwell


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